Tooth Extraction Bleeding: Know How To Stop It!

Tooth Extraction Bleeding: Know How To Stop It!


Tooth extraction is major dental surgery. You will experience pain and swelling after your surgery, which is normal. You may also experience minor bleeding, which is nothing to worry about. 

Sometimes, the bleeding may not stop or bleed heavily. This is problematic as losing too much blood is not suitable for your health.

Tips To Stop Bleeding After Tooth Extraction

There are several ideas to stop bleeding after tooth extraction online. The most effective tips to stop bleeding after a tooth extraction procedure are:

Using Wet Gauze

Wet a small piece of gauze with water. Fold it in a square and put it on the operated site. Bite down gently to apply pressure. Let the gauze stay there for 30 minutes to an hour. Ensure that the gauze sits well in its place for the duration. Change the gauze after every 20 minutes. This is one of the most effective methods to stop bleeding after tooth extraction

Rest Enough

Tooth extraction requires local anesthesia. You will feel groggy and disoriented for some time after the surgery. Have someone pick you up from the dentist and drive you to your home. Avoid picking up heavy objects and strenuous exercises. Rest for a week to help your body recover from the strain of the tooth extraction surgery. Bleeding from the operation may increase if you try to work hard.

Using Black Tea Bag

Black tea contains tannins. Tannin acts as a coagulant, which clots blood. Placing a tea bag on the tooth extraction area will stop the bleeding and speed up the healing process. The tea bag must be wet as a dry one is useless to stop bleeding. Like gauze, bite down on the bag for 30 minutes to control the bleeding.

Raised Head

Keep your higher if you lie down after your tooth extraction surgery. You can do this easily by placing a pillow below your head. You can even try to sleep this way. Bending down may increase your heart rate, which causes bleeding. Rest this way for at least two days to ensure less damage to the wound. 

No Smoking & Drinking

Everybody knows that smoking and drinking is harmful to dental health. Smoking could increase bleeding and slow down the healing process. Drinking alcohol can irritate the wound site. Avoid smoking and drinking for two weeks after having your tooth pulled out.

The Bottom Line

Experiencing minor bleeding after surgery is normal. However, you should not lose too much blood. There could be surgery problems or complications if the bleeding does not stop. If the wound does not heal, it could lead to infection. Contact your dentist immediately if the bleeding does not stop after 48 hours of your tooth extraction procedure.