Periodontal Disease: Definition & Stages

Periodontal Disease: Definition & Stages

Dental Gum Disease

Gum disease or Periodontal disease can be a menace and lead to premature tooth loss. Age is no bar when it comes to gum disease and can lead to premature tooth loss. If the disease is allowed to persist then it might lead to other serious medical issues as well. Hence, it is important to curb this disease at its inception. There are many stages to periodontal disease and understanding these stages could help in effective periodontal disease treatment.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Let us first find out what is periodontal disease. Gum disease is essentially a gum infection that could cause several dental complications if the infection is allowed to spread. There are several periodontal disease stages. In the initial stages, the disease can be managed and also reversed. It is important to diagnose it at this stage and treat the infection. In the advanced stages, the infection can go out of hand. In these stages, there is a possibility of tooth loss which can only be prevented by dental surgeries.

Periodontal Disease Stages

Wondering if you are suffering from gum disease? Our dentists at Grand Mission Dentistry have got your back. The disease can be differentiated into four stages according to the severity of the infection. Rush to your Richmond dentist if your symptoms match those of the advanced stages.


The first stage is gingivitis and this is the only stage where the disease can be reversed. Gingivitis is usually caused due to excessive plaque buildup which could be the result of poor oral care. Due to irregular brushing and flossing, plaque begins to accumulate which paves the way for bacterial infection. Constant bad breath is the most common gingivitis symptom. This is the ideal time to get checked by your Richmond dentist as proper gingivitis treatment can reverse the disease. You can also consult him for tips to avoid the problem altogether.

Early Periodontitis

Do not panic if you think you have missed out on your window for gingivitis treatment. Even though the disease cannot be reversed at this stage, it can still be managed. In early periodontitis, the symptoms include pale gums and gum pockets. Periodontal therapy is an effective periodontal disease treatment strategy in this stage.

Moderate Periodontitis

Your infection starts to get worse at the third stage of the disease. Your gum pockets get larger and your mouth tastes weird. This is the stage where your teeth might start to wobble. Are you experiencing any of these signs? Then it is time to rush to your Richmond dentist. Only a deep-cleaning treatment can save you at this stage. Lack of treatment might lead to shifting teeth and your mouth will taste of blood all day.

Advanced Periodontitis

This is the final stage of the infection and this is where your infection has reached its worst stage. Your gums will be severely inflamed and you will suffer from oozing pus continuously. Halitosis is a very common symptom at this stage and the chances of bone loss are higher. A proper dental surgery by your dentist in Richmond can help you with this stage. Proper periodontal disease treatment is essential at this point, or you might be suffering from tooth loss.

We hope this blog has provided you with an informative insight into the stages of gum disease. Looking for the best periodontal care services in Richmond, TX? Get in touch with us at Grand Mission Dentistry and enjoy personalized dental care.