How Do You Know That There Is A Dental Emergency?

How Do You Know That There Is A Dental Emergency?

Emergency Dentistry

When you are facing dental trouble, surely your first call would be to your dentist. But if you deal with severe oral problemssuch as bleeding or infections which can be life-threatening,then you are in need for an Emergency Dentist.Well, how can you judge whether your aches or pains are either normal, or a real toothache? Those seem small troubles initiallybut can immediately turn into a greater oral issue. Precise diagnosis from expertise is the most reliable way to get quick toothache relief, and temporarily protect you from getting into big troubles. Here are some of the situations that you should considera Dental Emergency.

Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

1. Loose tooth

If your teeth are starting to feel loose, there are minor things that could be happening. It might signal a tooth injury. This can be truly painful for patients. Another hint can be localized infection. To figure out what infection is occurring, visit your Emergency Dentist, Dr. William Sung at Grand Mission Dentistry in Richmond, TX for your help.

2. Severe toothache

The severity of your toothache signals that it’s time to get urgent relief. You should at once visit your dentist, as there are multiple reasons behind a toothache. Hence, proper diagnosis is crucial for toothache relief that lasts.

​3. Bleeding Gums

If you find gums bleedingwhile you floss,that isn’t ‘normal’ at all. It can revealindications of gum infection or gingivitis. However, if the bleeding is severe, repeated, and results in gum ache–then you gotta pay extra attention to it. Besides that, if your gums swell or ache, your dentist will need to analyze what’s actually going on.

​4. Swollen jaw

Swelling of the jaw hints a serious sign of infection, one of which is salivary gland infection. If you are suffering from a swollen jaw, along with bad taste in your mouth, trouble in breathing or swallowing, and fever, then you should look forDentist right away.

5. Abscessed Tooth

A dental abscessis a pocket of pus in the tooth resulting in an infection that could spread to other surrounding tissues. This may lead to fever, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, a constant toothache, swelling in the face, and a pimple-like bump on your gums near the infected tooth. Emergency care is a must here!

6. Cracked or Fractured Teeth

This usually suggests that damage has happened to the inside of the tooth and also to the outside. Serious fractures are so excruciating that the tooth cannot be saved.Contact your dentist immediately for an emergency appointment!

7. Mouth tastes like metal

This actuallyimplies that one of the old fillings inside your mouth has cracked or loosened.An open filling could particularly lead to further infections and cavities or worse and may even require aroot canal therapy.Seeking for emergency dental care in this situation is a must!


Avoiding Emergencies!

Take proper care of your teeth and gums and also go for regular check-ups.A customized treatment plan can be prepared to address any troubles before they turn into an emergency.