Is It Time To Change Your Toothbrush

A new and old toothbrush

According to American Dental Association, they recommend to change your toothbrush every 3 months; but how many of us actually do that? Changing our toothbrush is something that we don’t think to do like getting an oil change or watering your plants, but if you understand the reason why it is important, than changing your toothbrush once in a while will become a priority. 

How do I know when to change my toothbrush?

Your toothbrush bristles should be straight and bundled. Over time the fine, straight bristles bend, making it difficult to keep the back areas of your mouth and where your teeth and gum to keep clean. A worn out toothbrush becomes less effective at doing its job. Keith Arbeitman, a dentist with 15 years experience, provides this tip to make it a habit of running your tongue across your teeth after you brush to appreciate the clean, slippery feeling but when you’ve lost that feeling that it’s time to change.

Do I need to change my toothbrush when I get sick?

Although there’s has not been any evidence that shows an increase of chance we can re-infect ourselves after getting sick, germs can hide in our toothbrush bristle. So to just play it safe, buying a new toothbrush would not hurt especially if you share the bathroom with other people. If you are not sick but your spouse or kids are sick and their toothbrush is near you bacteria can swap form theirs to yours, especially if the toothbrush is wet. 

Another reason to change your toothbrush is if your toothbrush is near the toilet. When you flush the toilet, water or maybe fecal matters tend to spray upwards, so if your toothbrush is near the toilet, it’s likely that the germs made its way to your toothbrush. This can lead to spread noroviruses which makes you nauseous, diarrhea and stomach cramps.

Toothbrushes keeps our mouth and teeth clean, which prevents us from getting cavities or plaque that can turn into tartar, but it does not protect us from diseases or kills bacteria in our mouth. Here are tips to prevent spreading any form of illness or viruses.

  1. Change your toothbrush every 3 months. 
  2. If you are sick ,change your toothbrush after recovering. Keep your toothbrush away from other toothbrush if you share a holder with someone else. This will help not spread the virus. 
  3. Yes bacteria does die once your toothbrush is dry, however keeping it in a container  where it can create moist environment can lead to growth of microorganisms.
  4. Close your toilet seat if your toothbrush is near it.
  5. Keep your toothbrush upright, to let your brush dry faster.
  6. Never ever share a toothbrush with someone else.
  7. If you have low immune system, or tend to get ill faster, change your toothbrush more frequently.

If you don’t remember when was the last time you bought your toothbrush, just stop by at Grand Mission Dentistry and grab one. It is our mission to make sure you are taken care of with your oral health. Book an appointment now so we can do a thorough examination of your mouth. Healthy mouth starts with you and ends with us. 


Three Reasons to Replace Your Toothbrush

3 Things To Bear In Mind When You Whiten Your Teeth:

This is perhaps the most common dental cosmetic procedure that is sought after. Individuals opt for teeth whitening at various levels – from the at-home whitening kits to professional treatments in some dental offices.  The very first thing that speaks about our personality is our facial appearance and your smile defines most of your facial appearance. Thus, most people are concerned with their smile. Unless one has major teeth issues like an infection, tooth damage (crack or injury) or decay, a teeth whitening process does it all, as far as smile beautification is concerned.

The most commonly discussed topic related to teeth whitening is whether you should go for a professional treatment or use an over-the-counter available kit. There are pros and cons of both the methods.  What we generally do not pay heed to is some facts that need to be kept in mind while you opt for whitening.

The things to remember when you opt for a whitening procedure:

Do not rely on Whitening Mouthwashes:

Often individuals are found relying too much on mouth rinses. They tend to spend a lot on teeth whitening mouthwashes instead of availing a proper treatment.  This primary drawback associated with this is that the high alcohol content in these mouthwashes is harmful for your entire mouth, including your teeth. Hence, using mouthwashes are okay only along with a proper teeth whitening treatment. However the mouthwashes that you choose should be low on the alcohol content.

Do not keep the Whitening Strips on for excess duration:

Many patients bear a false idea that longer the duration of usage of whitening strips, better will be the results. But this ultimately leads to producing unsatisfactory teeth whitening results. The major negative outcome of this practice is the damaging effects that cause excessive sensitivity. Secondly, it is responsible for uneven discoloration of teeth, commonly known as splotching. Hence it is advised that an individual should apply and remove the whitening strips within the stipulated time. Also, the use of such whitening strips should be limited to once every five-six months in order to avoid the damaging effects on the teeth.

Avoid using a universal sized Tray:

Teeth whitening procedure requires the use of a whitening tray in order to apply the bleaching agent to your. One common mistake made by individuals opting for whitening services is the decision to go with universal sized trays. Instead, what should be done ideally is using a custom-made tray that fits the shape and size of your teeth perfectly. The use of universal trays can be fruitless by causing uneven discoloration and also damaging the gums of the patient.

Above all and besides everything, the very first thing that one should take care of is choosing the right whitening professional. Most of the time customers go for a general practitioner dentist. However, a specialist is likely to provide adequate customer satisfaction with higher levels of experience. Unprofessional approach to whitening your teeth may not only lead to unsatisfactory results but also bear chances of long-term ill effects on your oral health.

Want to makeover you smiles forever, book an appointment today.