Planning Your Child’s First Trip To The Dentist? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Planning Your Child’s First Trip To The Dentist? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

If you’ve kids, their dental health should be your top priority. This is a fact that parents are typically not aware about when to take their kid to a dentist. Studies reveal that you should not delay unless all of his teeth have emerged, or until there is any serious problem. The American Association of Pediatric Dentists suggests that a child’s first dental visit should be done when you find their first tooth appears. And it’s basically within 6-12 months at the latest. 

Dental tension and nervousness typically begin during childhood. And this is likely to become worse if not given proper guidance and care. Hence, a child’s first dental visit is crucial. The trip will set the tone of proper oral regimen your toddler will retain for a lifetime.

Prepare yourself

Ask all your queries to the Pediatric Dentist. If you have dental nervousness, then don’t panic and remain calm! Also do not show those fears or dislikes to your kid. 

Prepare the Dentist

Hand-over your toddler’s entire health history to the dentist as it is your kid’s first visit. At Grand Mission Dentistry, we are skilled to treat your toddler and always focus on patience. We won’t make your kid rush or pressurize them anyway. We also use child-friendly language!

What you can expect at the First Visit?

The visit is everything about introducing your toddler to the office ambience and staff! It will help your child to explore the instruments and even take a first ride in the chair. When he/she becomes comfortable, it will build trust! Then, the dentist can take a quick look at his/her mouth. 

The session may include an entire examination of the teeth, jaws, bite, gums, and oral tissues. But this depends on your child’s age. If required, the Pediatric Dentist may also recommend a gentle cleaning. It includes getting rid of plaque, tartar, and other stains and polishing teeth. The dentist may guide you and your child, how to maintain healthy oral regimen, diet and fluoride needs. The dentist might also inform on baby bottle tooth decay, infant feeding practices, finger-licking habits, dental issues and so on. The first session generally takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Protect your Kid’s Teeth at Home

  • Before teeth emerge, clean your toddler’s gums with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Start to brush with a small, soft-bristled toothbrush and a very little amount of toothpaste only when the first tooth appears. After 3 years of age, apply a very tiny amount of fluoridated toothpaste. 
  • Never offer your child milk, juice, or any kind of sweet items at bedtime or just before nap.
  • Reduce food items that cause tooth decay. 


If you’re searching for ‘Pediatric Dentist near me’, in Richmond, TX, then surely call us at Grand Mission Dentistry to avail top dental treatment for your kid! Our Pediatric Dentist in Richmond, Dr. Tam Nguyen will make your toddler’s first visit a memorable and exciting one. Let your kid undergo this exciting first step!

Let Your Dental Anxiety Be Gone Forever As Sedation Dentistry Is Here!

Sedation Dentistry actually helps patients to feel relaxed during their dental proceedings. At times it may be termed as “sleep dentistry,” but it’s not entirely proper. Patients are basically awake except the ones who are undergoing anesthesia. 

Types of Sedation Dentistry

  • Inhaled minimal sedation: You gotta inhale nitrous oxide – generally called “laughing gas”. It is merged with oxygen through a mask that has been applied over your nose. This gas aids you to ease off. This sedation allows you to ride yourself home even after your dental procedure.
  • Oral sedation: Oral sedation might range from minimal to moderate. But this is based on the current dosage provided to the patient. For minimal sedation, a pill will be offered to you usually an hour before the proceeding. The pill turns you drowsy, but you will be partially awake. A larger dose is provided to generate moderate sedation. This is the kind of anesthesia specifically associated with Sedation Dentistry. This turns patients feel dizzy enough to actually fall asleep during their dental treatment. Although patients are asleep, they can be awakened with a light shake.
  • IV moderate sedation: You will be provided with a sedative drug through a vein, which intends to perform more promptly. This approach lets your specialist adjust the level of sedation.
  • Deep sedation and general anesthesia: You will receive medicines that will leave you nearly or entirely unconscious. While an individual is undergoing anesthesia, he/she cannot wake up entirely until the effects of the anesthesia disappears.

Benefits of Sedation

Usually, people have a certain fear of visiting dentists! Reason? The pain they have to undergo during certain dental procedures! Thankfully, the Dentists at Grand Mission Dentistry now have fruitful plans, painless dentistry, through the method of sedation! We always prioritize your comfort. The perks of sedation dentistry are encouraging even the most uncomfortable patient to combat their dental anxiety. Depending on the amount of sedation, their benefits are:


  • Tension Relief

Sedation Dentistry renders relief from anxiety for some of our tensed patients during certain processes.

  • Anterograde Amnesia

In many instances amnesia may not be the most pleasant output! But in sedation dentistry it is pretty recommendable.

  • Lessening in Gag Reflex

A gag reflex is an actually good thing. The throat needs to be capable to eliminate any intrusive, foreign object. 

  • Pain Relief

It’s quite noticeable that maximum people panic to visit the dentist. But no one loves to suffer from tooth or gum pain. Here, sedation dentistry comes into play, where the pain is totally under control.

  • The Dentist Can Work Faster

If someone is under the control of influencing sedatives or anesthetics, he/she won’t be shouting in pain while the dentist gives treatment. 

How safe is it?

However, an individual, who is obese or have obstructive sleep apnea, should consult their dentists before undergoing sedation. 

If you reside in TX, and surf your web for ‘Dentist near me’, to get the best treatments with sedation therapy, then surely visit our office at Grand Mission Dentistry!

Oral DNA: See What Your Genes Have To Say About Your Oral Health

At Grand Mission Dentistry, we use the latest advanced dental techniques to provide the best general dentistry services in Richmond. One of our most popular services is OralDNA testing.

With this advanced DNA testing system, we can see which dental issues you’re susceptible to based on your genetic profile. This helps us detect issues like gum disease, and improve your oral health!

Interested in learning more about how we can prevent periodontitis in Houston? Schedule your appointment now at (281) 789-8836, or keep reading to find out the details about OralDNA!

What Is OralDNA?

OralDNA is an advanced, saliva-based DNA analysis system. The procedure is very simple and quick – you swish and gargle a saltwater solution for 30 seconds into a tube.

This sample is then sent to OralDNA. There, your genetic profile is tested to see if you have certain genetic biomarkers that may predispose you to oral health issues such as gum disease and HPV as well as bacterial levels.

With OralDNA, Dr. Sung can gain a much better understanding of your overall dental health, and your risk of developing specific oral health issues.

This allows the team at Grand Mission Dentistry to provide effective, personal service, and ensure that you get the comprehensive dentistry you need to protect your mouth and keep it healthy!

What Issues Can OralDNA Detect?

OralDNA offers a wide variety of different testing packages. The most common issue that we test for is periodontal (gum) disease.

Using OralDNA, we can understand whether or not you’re genetically predisposed to gum disease. We can also assess your mouth for the presence of potentially harmful bacteria that may contribute to periodontitis, and issues like mouth swelling.

By detecting periodontitis early, or recognizing that you have an increased risk of the disease, we can take appropriate steps to treat you quickly, ensuring that you maintain perfect oral hygiene.

Other testing packages offered by OralDNA include:

  • Oral HPV testing
  • Herpes simplex testing
  • Yeast infection testing

Using simple, non-invasive testing kits, Grand Mission Dentistry can use OralDNA tests to provide you with a better understanding of your oral health. From periodontitis to oral cancer, we can identify dozens of dental issues.

Need Comprehensive Dentistry In Houston? Come To Grand Mission Dentistry Now!

Whether you’re suffering from gum pain in Houston, or you’re simply seeking a new comprehensive dentist in Richmond, Grand Mission Dentistry is a wonderful choice.

With our new OralDNA testing systems and dedication to comprehensive dentistry, we can provide you with a truly in-depth assessment of your oral health. By stopping common dental problems, like periodontitis, before they begin, our exceptional patient care is next to none.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment at (281) 789-8836, or visit our office near Houston at 8620 Grand Mission Blvd, Suite #E, Richmond, TX 77407.