Sour Candy Invading Your Home?

Sour Candy Invading Your Home?

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Effects of Acid from Sour Candy



Warheads, Sour Patch, Nerds; are you already having a bitter-sweet tart taste with a puckered face? While many enjoy eating sour candies, our teeth don’t. Sour candy contains higher levels of acid compared to other types of candy which can lead to problems in the mouth.

Not many people are aware, but these flavorful, colorful candies top the list of worst candies for your teeth. Consequences of eating too much sour candy can lead to erosion, loss of enamel, and getting tooth decay. If these issues occur many times you may start to feel the sensitivity because your teeth may be eroding, which in worst case scenarios can cause throbbing pain in your teeth.

Water has a pH balance of 7 which is near the level at which teeth are safe. When the pH is 5.5 or smaller that is when our teeth are at risk for demineralization, tooth decay, and erosion. The pH of sour candies are generally around 4 or below, which is more than 10x stronger than something at a pH of 5.5. Below is a chart in which you can see how close some of the candy are to battery acid.

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According to Crest, acidic candies breakdown your enamel which expose the nerve center more, thus the painful tooth sensitivity. Some people even experience burning sensation in their tongue, cheeks and gums. Ouch!

Tips to Help Protect your Teeth

Ideally, avoid eating sour candies is the best way to prevent damage, but for someone who still wants to eat them, here are some tips to help reduce the chances of damage.

  1.  Limit your intake.
  2.  Never brush right after eating sour candy. If you look at the enamel of your tooth under a microscope, it will be solid like a wall, but when acid from drinks and/or food touches the enamel, the enamel becomes more like a sponge due to the acid. It takes 1 hour for your saliva to remineralize and harden the enamel from a sponge back to a wall. So if you brush right after, you can damage your teeth and cause sensitivity/discomfort.
  3.  Use sugar-free candy. One great sugar-free alternative is xylitol, which tastes just like candy but does not produce acid.
  4.  Rinse your mouth with water after digesting acidic food & drink, as this will help wash away any excess acid in the mouth.

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