We’d like to offer our thoughts to our patients, our beloved town of Richmond, and the entire Houston community during this devastating time – most especially to those who have suffered greatly from the extreme flooding of the past week.

While the flooding has affected us all, our Grand Mission offices have made it through with minimal damage. We feel fortunate, and are happy to be open and able to help. If you know anyone who’s oral health has been damaged during the past week, please refer them to us. We’re here to help!

The situation that’s affected our community is devastating, but we know that Houston is resilient. We have no doubt that we’ll overcome this tragedy together. Please prioritize your personal safety and take care of each other. And if you can, please donate to United Way as they aid in Houston relief efforts.

We hope to get through this quickly so we can restore our communities and move forward. Together we can bring back smiles to those who have lost so much. If you’re interested in the work we will be doing with those impacted by Harvey, follow us for further updates and call us at (281) 789-8836 if you or your loved ones are in need of dental care.