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At Grand Mission Dentistry, we use the latest advanced dental techniques to provide the best general dentistry services in Richmond. One of our most popular services is OralDNA testing.

With this advanced DNA testing system, we can see which dental issues you’re susceptible to based on your genetic profile. This helps us detect issues like gum disease, and improve your oral health!

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What Is OralDNA?

OralDNA is an advanced, saliva-based DNA analysis system. The procedure is very simple and quick – you swish and gargle a saltwater solution for 30 seconds into a tube.

This sample is then sent to OralDNA. There, your genetic profile is tested to see if you have certain genetic biomarkers that may predispose you to oral health issues such as gum disease and HPV as well as bacterial levels.

With OralDNA, Dr. Sung can gain a much better understanding of your overall dental health, and your risk of developing specific oral health issues.

This allows the team at Grand Mission Dentistry to provide effective, personal service, and ensure that you get the comprehensive dentistry you need to protect your mouth and keep it healthy!

What Issues Can OralDNA Detect?

OralDNA offers a wide variety of different testing packages. The most common issue that we test for is periodontal (gum) disease.

Using OralDNA, we can understand whether or not you’re genetically predisposed to gum disease. We can also assess your mouth for the presence of potentially harmful bacteria that may contribute to periodontitis, and issues like mouth swelling.

By detecting periodontitis early, or recognizing that you have an increased risk of the disease, we can take appropriate steps to treat you quickly, ensuring that you maintain perfect oral hygiene.

Other testing packages offered by OralDNA include:

  • Oral HPV testing
  • Herpes simplex testing
  • Yeast infection testing

Using simple, non-invasive testing kits, Grand Mission Dentistry can use OralDNA tests to provide you with a better understanding of your oral health. From periodontitis to oral cancer, we can identify dozens of dental issues.

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With our new OralDNA testing systems and dedication to comprehensive dentistry, we can provide you with a truly in-depth assessment of your oral health. By stopping common dental problems, like periodontitis, before they begin, our exceptional patient care is next to none.

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