dental crown information

Are you troubled by your broken or damaged tooth? Then, you can definitely opt for dental crowns which can turn out to be a great solution for you!  A dental crown is actually a tooth-shaped cap that your dentist affixes over your tooth in order to conceal the fractured/damaged tooth. Crowns can efficiently retrieve the shape, size, and strength of the fractured tooth and even boost its appearance.                                                                

Kinds of Crowns

The crowns can be created of several materials. You can notice two kinds of crowns normally: Permanent and Temporary.  

Permanent crowns are built of— 

  • Stainless steel
  • All metal. For example gold or platinum, or even base-metal alloys (just like cobalt-chromium and nickel-chromium alloys)
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal (the match the color of your surrounding teeth very closely)
  • Zirconia crowns 
  • All resin 
  • All ceramic or all porcelain (a suitable choice for patients who suffer from metal allergies) 

Basically, temporary crowns are fabricated of 

  • An acrylic-based material 
  • Or stainless steel 

The dentist provides temporary crowns to a patient while their permanent crown gets ready in the laboratory.  There are even other types of crowns that simply cover just a portion of your tooth. If an individual does not require a complete crown, the dentist may rather ask to get an onlay or 3/4 crown.

Benefits of Crowns 

  • The whole method is pretty simple and a permanent one. 
  • It can hold altogether even those little portions of your fractured/crooked tooth. 
  • Crowns provide support to your weak tooth or revive a broken tooth.
  • The treatment method of crowns is minimally invasive and also prevents tooth sensitivity. 
  • If your tooth has a large filling or if there isn’t much tooth present or even severely discolored, they all can be easily hidden by dental crowns. 
  • Crowns render a huge cosmetic modification for a more confident and flawless smile.
  • It also strongly anchors a dental bridge in its position.
  • They can also help to shield your teeth after a root canal treatment.
  • It helps to hide a dental implant. 
  • You can get back your ability to speak, chew, and eat normally.
  • This particular process has a great success rate when compared to other dental restoration methods.

 How will your Dentist treat you?

To make your tooth all prepped for a crown you’ll generally require two trips to your dentist.  On your very first session, the dentist will examine carefully the condition of your teeth. Impressions of your teeth will be taken in this case. 

The dentist will also review certain things, for example — 

  • The location of the tooth inside the mouth
  • Position of the gum tissue
  • Performance of your tooth that is about to receive the dental crown
  • Color of your other adjacent teeth 
  • What proportion of your real tooth will be remaining

The second trip to your dentist involves attaching the permanent crown to your teeth. Here, your dentist will clean the decay first or perform a root canal treatment to make your tooth prepped. Next, a temporary cap will be affixed. After certain weeks, you will receive your tailor-built permanent crown which will appropriately correct your issues. Lastly, it will be planted in your mouth and the dentist will make some adjustments if required.  

Care for your Crowns

  • Brush twice on a daily basis
  • Floss at least once on a daily basis 
  • Clean your mouth thoroughly with the help of an antiseptic mouthwash 
  • Try to avoid biting or munching hard foods 
  • Quit smoking 
  • Meet your dentist for routine check-ups 

When you start to practice all the above-mentioned tips, it will help your dental crown remain for at least five to fifteen years

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