How to Make Your Child’s Visit to the Dentist Easier – Our Top Tips!

How to Make Your Child’s Visit to the Dentist Easier – Our Top Tips!



Taking kids to the dentist isn’t always easy. At best, it’s a chore, and at worst, you could have to deal with a full-blown tantrum in the dentist’s office. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

With just a few simple tips from Dr. Sung of Grand Mission Dentistry, you can ensure that your child is prepared for the dentist, and minimize the fear and nervousness that can come along with a check-up.



Start Young and Make Dentist Visits Seem Routine

If you only follow one tip in this article, make it this one. Take your child in for regular 6-month dental appointments and oral exams as soon as they turn 6 months old, or whenever their first tooth erupts.

Familiarizing your child with the routine of visiting the dentist early makes it much less scary and intimidating. This is the single best way to deal with dental anxiety in kids and prepare them for a life of great oral hygiene.

Don’t Give Your Kids Too Many Details About What Will Happen

Whether you’re going in for a filling, oral exam or a teeth cleaning, don’t give too many details about the appointment. Chances are, your dentist will do a much better job explaining everything. If you accidentally say the “S” world (shot) or “H” word (hurt), you could end up making your child even more nervous.

Just tell your kid that the dentist is going to look at their teeth and make sure that they are healthy. That’s true – and it’s all they really need to know before their appointment.

Prepare for Some Fussing (It’s Normal)

Whether it’s because they’re scared of the dentist or just cranky and would rather be playing, your kids might fuss when you go to the dentist. Stay calm, and let your dentist give you instructions on what to do if your child ends up misbehaving in the dentist’s chair or becomes scared while at the office.

Encourage Proper Oral Care at Home

Make sure that your kids are taking care of their teeth at home. Until they can tie their own shoelaces, you should be brushing their teeth for them at least twice a day.

You should also floss for them at least once a day. It sounds like a tough routine to commit to, but you’ll save money on restorative procedures, time at the dentist’s office, and your child’s oral health. Trust us. It’s worth it.

While it’s still your responsibility to take care of their teeth, emphasize the importance of their oral health and how preventive care will do wonders in the long run. This will help them develop a healthy attitude towards oral care in the future.

Pick the Right Dentist

Not every dentist is great with kids. While some general dentists are willing to treat children of all ages, kids may not be their specialty. You’ll want to look for a family dentist who understands how to handle peds. They can relate to children and create a friendly, comfortable and safe environment for them. Do some research and find a family dentist in Richmond who is right for your child.

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