Cigarettes & Its Harmful Effects On Teeth & Gums

Cigarettes & Its Harmful Effects On Teeth & Gums

effects of smoking on oral health

One of the most damaging health effects of smoking cigarettes is losing your teeth. Smokers develop more tartar on their teeth, which leads to gum disease. Using tobacco affects your health, including your oral health. It’s the biggest risk factor for gum disease.

The known signs of tobacco use include decreasing gums, bad breath, and stained teeth. But more severe health issues, such as oral cancer, can be more challenging to spot. 

Read the 5 ways smoking affects your oral health:

  1. Forms Plaque & Tartar – Cigarettes contain chemical products that affect the flow of saliva, making it simple for oral bacteria to stick to teeth and gums. Bacteria-laden plaque can form on teeth and & gum lines. If not removed every day, it can harden into tartar, also known as calculus, it is such a hard substance it requires professional cleaning to remove.
  2. Interference In Blood Circulation – Smoking impacts the standard function of gum tissue, generating infections and limiting blood flow. It also slows healing after oral surgery for dental implants or tooth extraction, which makes the recovery process very difficult.
  3. Prone To Oral Cancer – About 90% of people diagnosed with mouth, throat, or lips cancer are due to tobacco usage. Studies show that non-smokers are 8 times less likely to develop oral cancer than smokers.
  4. Changes teeth and breath – Smoking stains teeth to a yellow color and causes bad breath. If you smoke, you can lower the risk of oral health issues by brushing twice daily, after breakfast and before bedtime, and flossing once every day. If possible, the best solution is to quit smoking or cut down.

Smoking tobacco is one of the main reasons for gum diseases. Every dentist suggests tips to avoid gum disease as once you are caught with this, it causes inflammation and infection in the gums and bones that hold the teeth in position.

Other damaging effects of smoking include:


Medical professionals have found extreme redness of the gingiva and edema in the gums of smokers. The nicotine present in cigarettes forces the blood vessels to narrow, leading to reduced blood supply in the gums.


It occurs as an evolved form of gingivitis. Periodontal disease entails permanent damage of the gum and bone near teeth. Smokers are not only at high risk, but they also spread faster, and the response to dental treatment is generally not as good as you expect it to be.


Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis is indicated by pain, bleeding gums, and ulceration. Since cigarettes cause decreased blood flow and immunity of the gum tissues, this allows the bacteria to invade the gums, forming this painful ulcerative gum infection.

If you’re a smoker you must take care of your oral and overall health. You can reduce the risk of getting any oral disease by brushing & flossing twice a day. Your health is in your hands. Every dentist will suggest you quit or at least try to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. 

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