Dental Emergency? We Can See You Today!

Dental Emergency? We Can See You Today!

dental emergency

A dental emergency can be very inconvenient and painful, and affect your ability to live a normal life. Whether you or a family member has been injured while playing a sport, or even in a car accident, immediate care is crucial for the best results.

At Grand Mission Dentistry, Dr. William Sung and Dr. Tam Nguyen are experienced emergency dentists. We do our best to maintain a flexible schedule, and help you get the dental treatment you need to minimize your pain, suffering, and discomfort.

dental emergency

Understanding Dental Emergencies – What Counts?

There are many different kinds of dental emergencies, but they all share two basic characteristics.

  1. The injury is causing you serious pain and discomfort.
  2. You cannot treat the injury on your own.

If your issue fits these two criteria, you’re experiencing a dental emergency. By this definition, issues like pulled out dental work (crowns and fillings) are dental emergencies.

Painful toothaches are also dental emergencies, as are dental injuries like damage to the lips and cheeks, or cracked, damaged, or loose teeth.

Immediate Care Provides The Best Results For Dental Emergencies

In most cases, you will need to get treatment within about 12 hours to maximize the chance of saving a damaged tooth. In some cases, like an avulsed (knocked-out) tooth, you may need treatment within only 2 hours to replace the tooth and ensure that it can be restored.

As a rule, you will need to get care from a dentist as soon as you experience a dental emergency. Call Grand Mission Dentistry for an appointment right away. Once you have scheduled a same-day emergency appointment, you can treat issues like pain, swelling, and bleeding to the best of your ability while you wait.

Our Doctors Are Experienced Emergency Dentists

Both Dr. William Sung and Dr. Tam Nguyen have experience treating a wide range of dental emergencies. From avulsed teeth to cracked, impacted, and loose teeth, we have seen it all at Grand Mission Dentistry.

Our caring approach to emergency dentistry ensures that your oral health will be restored quickly, and that your pain and discomfort are minimized. Our goal is to get your life back to normal, and allow you to resume your normal activities as soon as you can.

We’re Open Late – And On Saturdays!

We are open until 7pm on Monday and Tuesday, and we are open every other Saturday, so our hours are flexible, and we can accommodate just about any emergency dentistry need. We are even able to provide emergency dental treatment after-hours, in some cases.

Come To Grand Mission Dental Care – Your Top Choice For Emergency Dentistry

We can handle any kind of dental emergency at our office, and we treat both adults and children. If you need an emergency dentist in Richmond, Grand Mission Dentistry can help!

You can contact us now for an appointment at (281) 789-8836, or come to our office at 8620 Grand Mission Blvd, Suite #E, Richmond, TX 77407 for a walk-in appointment. We will do our best to accommodate you.