Defining Dental Emergencies – What Counts As A Dental Emergency?

Defining Dental Emergencies – What Counts As A Dental Emergency?

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If you need to see an emergency dentist in Richmond, Dr. William Sung of Grand Mission Dentistry is the best choice. Dr. Sung can deliver expert emergency dental treatment, and help relieve the pain and suffering of your dental injury.

Not sure if you need an emergency dentist? In this post, we’ll break down what counts as a dental emergency, and discuss the next steps you should take to deal with the pain.

Let’s get started.

Contact Dr. Sung Right Away For An Emergency Appointment

First thing’s first. If you have an oral injury, or think that you may need an emergency dentist, call us right away for an appointment at (281) 789-8836.

For the best results, you will usually need to get treatment within 12 hours. So call now, and schedule an appointment. We’re available after-hours for emergency appointments.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Some dental emergencies are caused by injuries, such as an accident or a slip-and-fall. Here are the most common dental emergencies that are caused by injuries.

  • Avulsed (missing) teeth
  • Cracked and chipped teeth
  • Impacted tooth/tooth intrusion (tooth driven into the socket)
  • Loose tooth
  • Soft tissue damage of the gum and lips
  • Nerve and pulp damage
  • Fractured tooth root

However, other dental emergencies are caused by chronic oral health conditions. Periodontitis may result in loose or missing teeth, while a severe tooth infection could cause an incredibly painful toothache. These conditions are just as serious dental emergencies as dental injuries.

Damaged or missing dental work is also a serious dental emergency. For example, if you lose a crown or filling while eating, or due to an impact injury, you must see a dentist as soon as you can.

What To Do While You Wait For Your Appointment

After you have scheduled an appointment, you should try to control bleeding, pain, and swelling, usually in that order.

If you are bleeding, you can use sterile gauze and gentle pressure to stop the blood. The blood should clot within an hour or two. If you continue to bleed for several hours without clotting, consider visiting urgent care or an emergency room.

Pain can be managed with over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. These medicines can also help manage inflammation. However, aspirin should not be used, because it is a blood thinner and can interfere with clotting.

Swelling can be controlled with an ice pack, applied externally to the mouth. This may also help numb the area, and control pain.

Note that these are all temporary solutions. You must see an emergency dentist like Dr. William Sung for treatment as soon as you can, regardless of the dental emergency that you are experiencing.

Give Us A Call As Soon As You Have Things Under Control!

Contact Grand Mission Dentistry at (281) 789-8836 to schedule an appointment with our Richmond emergency dentist. We also accept walk-ins, in case of severe dental injuries. You can come to our office at 8620 Grand Mission Blvd, Suite #E, Richmond, Texas 77407. We will do our best to see you as soon as possible.