Dentures: Cost, Advantages & Maintenance

Dentures might be your best choice if you are suffering from missing teeth. They can enable you to regain your lost confidence and feel comfortable in social situations. All of your inquiries about dentures have been answered by our dentists at Grand Mission Dentistry. Continue reading to learn more!

What Are Dentures?

Before jumping into the other sections, we need to first find out what dentures are from your favorite Richmond dentist. These are mostly false teeth that are used to fill up gaps left by tooth loss. They are placed inside your oral cavity and are fastened to a metal frame. They restore your original functionality and help you to go back to your daily activities. They look and feel exactly like your original teeth.  This makes these appliances the best choice and the most convenient option. Get your dentures today!

Cost Of Dentures

Now let’s find out the cost of dentures. An entire set of upper dentures cost somewhere around $1,600 approximately. Similarly, an entire set for your lower jaw also falls in the same range. A partial set can cost anywhere between $700 and $3000. Consult your dentist in Richmond for a more specific estimate. The cost usually varies according to your area of residence and your oral health condition.

Are Dentures Worth The Price?

There are several benefits of using dentures. They can improve your dental health to a great extent. Your favorite Richmond dentist has listed some of the advantages below to help you make better decisions.

  • Enhances your appearance and restores your self-confidence.
  • Compared to other options, dentures are low-maintenance and require no extra effort for cleaning.
  • Dentures can help you look and feel much younger. They keep your facial muscles from drooping, allowing you to keep your natural facial structure.
  • Increases the efficiency of your teeth. You can regain your chewing ability and resume eating your favorite foods.
  • Dentures are a very affordable choice when it comes to the replacement of missing teeth.
  • Help protect your remaining natural teeth
  • Improves your speech to a great extent and reduces the possibility of slurred speech

How To Take Care Of Your Dentures?

Dentures are very easy to maintain. Take good care of them to ensure that these devices last longer. Follow these tips by the best dentist in Richmond and your dentures could last you for decades.

  • When using these devices, you must be very cautious. They are extremely brittle, and even the slightest pressure can cause them to break apart.
  • To avoid bacterial accumulation in your dentures, you can use professional cleaning solutions.
  • Brush them gently with a soft toothbrush on a regular basis. You should also floss and rinse your teeth after every meal.
  • Soak them in water when they are not being used. It is essential for them to remain moist.
  • When you visit our dental office, bring your dentures along. Our dental care professionals will carefully examine them and also clean them up for you.

We hope this blog has addressed all your queries related to dentures. Get in touch with us at Grand Mission Dentistry if you are looking for the best dentures in Richmond, TX.

Periodontal Disease in Dogs

Image result for cleaning dogs teethHave you ever petted a dog and their breath just caught you off guard? Humans are not the only ones who have bad breath, dogs can too. You would think that they may have just eaten something they shouldn’t, but bad breath can be a sign of health problems; or the most common, periodontal disease.

These are a few things to consider before taking them to the vet and figuring out why their breath smells:

How do dogs get gum disease?

Like us humans, when we eat, food gets mixed with saliva which produces sticky substances around our teeth called plaque. If we do not remove the plaque it will harden and turn into tartar. Over time tartar will cause you to have swollen and inflamed gums. This applies to dogs as well. Tartar thrust the gum away from the teeth which is an open window for bacteria to enter, when the bacteria enters, it gets into the bloodstream and affects dogs’ organs.

Risk of having periodontal disease

Dental problems in dogs is not something to ignore. According to Colleen O’Morrow, a veterinary dentist from the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry, periodontal disease happens five times more in dogs than in people. Some cases dogs lose their teeth, have bad infection, and bone loss. What O’Morrow commonly sees is that “over time untreated gum disease can destroy bone to such an extent that even a little pressure will fracture a small dogs weakened jaw”. By not taking care of your dog’s periodontal disease, it can cause your dog to be in severe pain. Our dogs do not show weakness and tend to hide their pain. We would not want our dogs feeling pain for such a long period of time.

Preventing Gum Diseases  

Recognizing your dog’s habit is the key. Are they a chewer? Do you notice red swollen gums? Just like you come to see your dentist every 6 months for an exam and cleaning, dogs need to do the same thing. Seeing your vet for an exam and asking them ways to steer away from periodontal disease can help.

Do you brush your dog’s teeth? Brushing your dogs’ teeth daily is an effective way of cleaning and removing plaque. Be aware that some dogs may not like you touching their teeth, so there are dog chews out there instead of daily brushing. The chewing motion reduces plaque because when they gnaw, they put their teeth against the chew toy or dental stick which rubs the plaque off. Also, there’s an organization called The Veterinary Oral Health (VOHC) that evaluates pet products to see if they meet standards for reducing plaque. So next time you buy your fur baby food, treats or toys make sure it is approved by the VOHC so that you know the item will help slow plaque and tartar accumulation

Signs of Periodontal Disease:

·         Problems picking up food.

·         Bleeding or red gums.

·         Loose teeth.

·         Blood in the water bowl or on chew toys.

·         Bad breath (halitosis)

·         Bumps or lumps in the mouth.

·         Bloody saliva.

If you see this, make sure you call your veterinarian and schedule an appointment for your pet. This is a critical step to avoid periodontal disease. There are articles out there for you to read to prevent this happening to your pet at home. Our fur baby can feel pain, so if we don’t like having toothache, our pets don’t either.


Is brushing our tongue important?

Is brushing our tongue as critical as brushing our teeth and flossing? Well for those who dislike brushing their tongue, the American Dental Associations states that brushing our tongue isn’t as important as brushing our teeth and flossing. Also, this action causes the uncomfortable reaction of gag reflex while doing it, but that shouldn’t stop you from brushing your tongue anyway. 

So why is it important

One fact is that not brushing our tongue causes bad breath and another reason is to maintain a healthy oral hygiene. 

Our tongue is not flat at all. It has bumps called papillae and crevices. Food particles and bacteria gets stuck in the areas if we do not clean it out. Our mouth is covered in bacteria all the time, and even if those bacteria are not harmful, they are anaerobic which produces byproducts like sulfur compounds. Sulfur compounds can smell nasty, thus creating bad breath.

Not brushing our tongue can create oral yeast infection. Again, we have 700 different type of bacteria in our mouth. Some of those bacteria are harmless, but the ones that are harmful if not removed from the mouth can cause you to get yeast infections in the mouth. Then the yeast turns into oral thrush, and oral thrush is something not to mess with. You’ll have this white cream patches along your tongue and it will be difficult to eat, and swallow and you can sometimes lose your taste. 

Bacteria on our tongue can also spread to our teeth. Even if we brush our teeth and floss daily, food particles in our tongue will spread and what’s near our tongue, our teeth. This can cause gingivitis and if not treated can loosen our teeth and fall out eventually.

How do I brush my tongue?

It’s very simple. Our tongue is very delicate, so when we brush our tongue, we do not need to put too much pressure against it. Putting a lot of pressure will cause your tongue to become irritated and inflamed. If you are someone who gags when the toothbrush is all the way to the back, try working from the front of the tongue first. Get familiar with the toothbrush or tongue scraper. Once you’re in an area of sensitivity and you feel you’re about to gag, relax your tongue and exhale fully. Move your toothbrush or tongue scraper back and forth, side to side, and then rinse your mouth. Make sure you rinse the brush or tongue scraper. If you need assistance on how to brush your tongue, make an appointment with us so we can help you to keep your tongue clean.


There are many more reasons to why it is important to brush our tongue. Our main goal here at Grand Mission Dentistry is to help you keep your oral hygiene in a very healthy state. Although the American Dental Associations state that it’s not important, it didn’t state that you shouldn’t brush your tongue. Keeping your tongue clean helps keep your oral hygiene healthy, it removes harmful bacteria and keeps you away from having serious consequences. If you still have more questions, please give us a call or make an appointment so we can help you. 


Children’s Dental Health Month at Grand Mission Dentistry

Celebrating Kids’ Oral Health with Quality Dental Care

The habits kids develop during their younger years will likely stay with them for the rest of their lives. Regular dental visits, learning to brush and floss properly, and keeping an eye out for nutrition and diet all play a large role in dental and overall health. The American Dental Association sponsors National Children’s Dental Health Month each February to promote the benefits of good oral health to children and adults, caregivers, teachers, and many others.

What can you do to celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month with Grand Mission Dentistry? We’re glad you asked! Here are a few ways you can help us keep your child’s smile strong long after you’ve left your appointment:

Talk Enthusiastically About Dental Visits

Did you know that the main reason people don’t receive necessary dental care is that they are afraid or nervous about dental appointments? This is one thing the team at Grand Mission Dentistry is dedicated and passionate about changing. You can help us by building anticipation for your child’s visit rather than anxiety. A few tips:

  • Don’t use say “shot”, “hurt”, or “pain” when discussing their upcoming appointment. Our staff will introduce our vocabulary to children and communicate any procedures in a fun, informative way that they will understand.
  • Talk about our office and procedures using basic words, like “toothbrush”, “toothpaste”, and “lights”. Your child will probably understand when you talk about the dentist looking at and counting teeth instead of discussing x-rays or cavities.

Keep Up with Proper Hygiene Habits In-Between Visits

Brushing, flossing, and keeping an eye on your child’s sugar intake are the best ways to manage their oral health in-between their regular six-month checkups. Children are at high risk for developing cavities, mostly due to diet and improper brushing methods. It’s estimated that more than a quarter of kids ages 2 to 5, and half of those 12 to 15 years old, have tooth decay. Observing and helping your child learn the best way to brush and floss, and developing a proper diet will help ensure a strong, healthy smile for years to come.

Don’t Dismiss a Toothache as a Minor Problem

Toothaches are our mouths way of telling us that something is wrong. Though toothaches can be caused by small issues that don’t necessarily require professional help, others are considered critical emergencies. In addition, it can often be very difficult to tell whether your child is suffering from a minor issue like a piece of food stuck in-between two teeth, or a more severe problem like an infection. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when toothaches come up. Call us today at (281) 789-8836 to take care of your child’s pain and get them smiling again. We offer same-day appointments for convenient care!

Schedule a Pediatric Visit Today!

We love meeting new patients and helping parents develop proper oral care routines that will encourage healthy smiles for a lifetime! Call us today at (281) 789-8836 to learn more about our methods, talk to Dr. Nguyen, and book your child’s next visit for optimal dental health.

Same-Day Appointments Available – For All Your Emergency Dentistry Needs

Making appointments weeks or months in advance isn’t always helpful, especially when you’ve experienced a dental emergency. At Grand Mission Dentistry, we’ve made a point to keep our doors open and make ourselves available to the Houston community and surrounding areas. We can help you the day you call our office, so you can get back to same-day appointments! Check out some of the best reasons to visit us today!

Convenience & Flexibility

Many patients don’t contact a doctor until they feel pain. But sometimes pain is the only way you can tell that something is wrong. With busy days and full schedules, you may not be able to come in when you really need to. At Grand Mission Dentistry, we’re flexible. With same-day appointments, we can accommodate you the day you call so you can get on your way.

We Address Dental Emergencies Quickly

No matter the dental injury, or how you suffered it, we can help you through your dental emergency with same-day care. It’s critical to see a dentist within 12 hours of a dental injury, and often dentists are booked up far in advance. But Dr. Sung is always available to patients in need of immediate medical attention. He can help you get out of pain quickly and potentially save your smile. Plus, with a team of skilled professionals dedicated to minimizing your discomfort, we’re equipped to deal with any dental situation.

Schedule Your Same-Day Appointment Today With Grand Mission Dentistry

Visiting the dentist shouldn’t be a hassle. It should be easy. And with same-day appointments, it’s never been easier to get the oral care you need. If you’ve suffered a dental injury, or you need to see a dentist today, choose Grand Mission Dentistry. We’re dedicated dentists serving Richmond and the surrounding areas, and we want to help you get out of pain. Call us for an appointment at (281) 719-9188, or visit our office at 8620 Grand Mission Blvd Suite E Richmond, Texas, TX 77407.

Our Hearts Are With Houston!

We’d like to offer our thoughts to our patients, our beloved town of Richmond, and the entire Houston community during this devastating time – most especially to those who have suffered greatly from the extreme flooding of the past week.

While the flooding has affected us all, our Grand Mission offices have made it through with minimal damage. We feel fortunate, and are happy to be open and able to help. If you know anyone who’s oral health has been damaged during the past week, please refer them to us. We’re here to help!

The situation that’s affected our community is devastating, but we know that Houston is resilient. We have no doubt that we’ll overcome this tragedy together. Please prioritize your personal safety and take care of each other. And if you can, please donate to United Way as they aid in Houston relief efforts.

We hope to get through this quickly so we can restore our communities and move forward. Together we can bring back smiles to those who have lost so much. If you’re interested in the work we will be doing with those impacted by Harvey, follow us for further updates and call us at (281) 789-8836 if you or your loved ones are in need of dental care.


Welcome to Grand Mission Dentistry

Greetings! We are so excited to welcome you to our online portal. At Grand Mission Dentistry, we aim to make gentle, professional dental care as accessible as possible – and that includes giving patients access to everything they need to know here on our website! We want you to be completely at ease when you step into our office, so we encourage you to get to know our hardworking team and familiarize yourself with the many services we have to offer.

My wife and I have dedicated our lives to providing quality dental care in a calm and relaxing environment. Here, it’s about more than just treating a tooth – it’s about treating a patient. We believe in looking deeper to find the root cause of dental discomfort – and treating it at its source. We feel it’s this holistic approach that really sets us apart, and makes us your premier choice in the Richmond area.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family, and in order to provide the best care possible are providing downloadable patient forms for you to print and fill out before your first visit to our office.

If you have any questions about our office, the services we provide, or just want to say hello – please don’t hesitate to call. My wife and I are honored to be your trusted choice in quality dental care, and happy to be a member of your community!