Planning Your Child’s First Trip To The Dentist? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Planning Your Child’s First Trip To The Dentist? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

If you’ve kids, their dental health should be your top priority. This is a fact that parents are typically not aware about when to take their kid to a dentist. Studies reveal that you should not delay unless all of his teeth have emerged, or until there is any serious problem. The American Association of Pediatric Dentists suggests that a child’s first dental visit should be done when you find their first tooth appears. And it’s basically within 6-12 months at the latest. 

Dental tension and nervousness typically begin during childhood. And this is likely to become worse if not given proper guidance and care. Hence, a child’s first dental visit is crucial. The trip will set the tone of proper oral regimen your toddler will retain for a lifetime.

Prepare yourself

Ask all your queries to the Pediatric Dentist. If you have dental nervousness, then don’t panic and remain calm! Also do not show those fears or dislikes to your kid. 

Prepare the Dentist

Hand-over your toddler’s entire health history to the dentist as it is your kid’s first visit. At Grand Mission Dentistry, we are skilled to treat your toddler and always focus on patience. We won’t make your kid rush or pressurize them anyway. We also use child-friendly language!

What you can expect at the First Visit?

The visit is everything about introducing your toddler to the office ambience and staff! It will help your child to explore the instruments and even take a first ride in the chair. When he/she becomes comfortable, it will build trust! Then, the dentist can take a quick look at his/her mouth. 

The session may include an entire examination of the teeth, jaws, bite, gums, and oral tissues. But this depends on your child’s age. If required, the Pediatric Dentist may also recommend a gentle cleaning. It includes getting rid of plaque, tartar, and other stains and polishing teeth. The dentist may guide you and your child, how to maintain healthy oral regimen, diet and fluoride needs. The dentist might also inform on baby bottle tooth decay, infant feeding practices, finger-licking habits, dental issues and so on. The first session generally takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Protect your Kid’s Teeth at Home

  • Before teeth emerge, clean your toddler’s gums with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Start to brush with a small, soft-bristled toothbrush and a very little amount of toothpaste only when the first tooth appears. After 3 years of age, apply a very tiny amount of fluoridated toothpaste. 
  • Never offer your child milk, juice, or any kind of sweet items at bedtime or just before nap.
  • Reduce food items that cause tooth decay. 


If you’re searching for ‘Pediatric Dentist near me’, in Richmond, TX, then surely call us at Grand Mission Dentistry to avail top dental treatment for your kid! Our Pediatric Dentist in Richmond, Dr. Tam Nguyen will make your toddler’s first visit a memorable and exciting one. Let your kid undergo this exciting first step!

4 Pediatric Dental Care Mistakes To Avoid

Are you looking for a friendly pediatric dentist in Richmond? At Grand Mission Dentistry, Dr. Sung and Dr. Nguyen are expert pediatric dentists. Our team has decades of combined experience working with kids of all ages.

As a leading practice focusing on pediatric dentistry in Richmond, we take a comprehensive approach to oral health. We want to help our patients keep their children happy and healthy, so we’ve come up with a list of common pediatric dental mistakes that you should be sure to avoid:

1. Going To The Dentist Infrequently – Or Too Late

You should make it a point to see a dentist every six months, without fail. This ensures that you will be able to keep track of your child’s oral health and development, and minimize the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Your child should visit a qualified pediatric dentist like Dr. Sung or Dr. Nguyen as soon as their first tooth erupts, or around their first birthday; whichever comes first.

2. Excessive Consumption of Sugary Drinks And Snacks

You should work to minimize the amount of sugar that your children consume, particularly if they tend to drink a lot of juice. Juice is not necessarily unhealthy, but it has an extremely high concentration of sugar and citric acid, which is harmful to the teeth.

As a rule, minimize sugary drinks and snacks. Consider feeding your child whole fruit instead, and cutting back on the sweet treats. Provide sweets only alongside other meals, make sure they drink plenty of water, and brush their teeth after eating sugar. In the long run, this will be much better for their oral health.

3. Use Of Sippy Cups And Bottles

Bottles and sippy cups can contribute to tooth decay. Because it takes a long time to drink from a sippy cup, this increases the amount of time that your child is exposed to high levels of sugar.

Their saliva won’t be able to wash all of this sugar away, and bacteria will build up on their teeth and gums. Encourage your children to drink these liquids quickly, even if you’re using a bottle or sippy cup, and make sure you brush and clean their teeth afterward.

4. Improper Brushing And Dental Care

As soon as your child’s first tooth erupts, you should begin brushing it with non-fluoride toothpaste, and wiping down their gums with a clean cloth. Switch to a grain-of-rice-sized dab of fluoride toothpaste at age 2, and brush your child’s’ teeth at least twice per day.

You’ll have to brush for your child until they can tie their own shoes, which is usually between the ages of 5-7. After this, keep supervising them, and make sure that they follow the rules set out by our dentists, brushing twice a day for at least two minutes, and flossing once per day.

Do your best to set a good example. Brush with your children, and make it fun. When they see your good dental habits, they will follow your lead and develop healthy, life-long attitudes towards brushing and flossing.

Need Pediatric Dentistry In Grand Mission? Come In Today!

Finding the right pediatric dentist is absolutely essential for keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy. So come see Dr. Sung or Dr. Nguyen today! Our experienced family dentists can help you understand every aspect of pediatric dental care. Contact us now at (281) 789-8836 to get started, or feel free to come by our office at 8620 Grand Mission Blvd, Suite #E, Richmond, TX 77407 for an in-person consultation.

How to Make Your Child’s Visit to the Dentist Easier – Our Top Tips!


Taking kids to the dentist isn’t always easy. At best, it’s a chore, and at worst, you could have to deal with a full-blown tantrum in the dentist’s office. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

With just a few simple tips from Dr. Sung of Grand Mission Dentistry, you can ensure that your child is prepared for the dentist, and minimize the fear and nervousness that can come along with a check-up.



Start Young and Make Dentist Visits Seem Routine

If you only follow one tip in this article, make it this one. Take your child in for regular 6-month dental appointments and oral exams as soon as they turn 6 months old, or whenever their first tooth erupts.

Familiarizing your child with the routine of visiting the dentist early makes it much less scary and intimidating. This is the single best way to deal with dental anxiety in kids and prepare them for a life of great oral hygiene.

Don’t Give Your Kids Too Many Details About What Will Happen

Whether you’re going in for a filling, oral exam or a teeth cleaning, don’t give too many details about the appointment. Chances are, your dentist will do a much better job explaining everything. If you accidentally say the “S” world (shot) or “H” word (hurt), you could end up making your child even more nervous.

Just tell your kid that the dentist is going to look at their teeth and make sure that they are healthy. That’s true – and it’s all they really need to know before their appointment.

Prepare for Some Fussing (It’s Normal)

Whether it’s because they’re scared of the dentist or just cranky and would rather be playing, your kids might fuss when you go to the dentist. Stay calm, and let your dentist give you instructions on what to do if your child ends up misbehaving in the dentist’s chair or becomes scared while at the office.

Encourage Proper Oral Care at Home

Make sure that your kids are taking care of their teeth at home. Until they can tie their own shoelaces, you should be brushing their teeth for them at least twice a day.

You should also floss for them at least once a day. It sounds like a tough routine to commit to, but you’ll save money on restorative procedures, time at the dentist’s office, and your child’s oral health. Trust us. It’s worth it.

While it’s still your responsibility to take care of their teeth, emphasize the importance of their oral health and how preventive care will do wonders in the long run. This will help them develop a healthy attitude towards oral care in the future.

Pick the Right Dentist

Not every dentist is great with kids. While some general dentists are willing to treat children of all ages, kids may not be their specialty. You’ll want to look for a family dentist who understands how to handle peds. They can relate to children and create a friendly, comfortable and safe environment for them. Do some research and find a family dentist in Richmond who is right for your child.

Come to Grand Mission Dentistry Today – We Specialize in Pediatric Dentistry!

Dr. William Sung offers expert dental care to children, while Dr. Tam Nguyen specializes in pediatric dentistry. At our practice, we understand how important the child comfort can be, which is why we provide a comfortable environment where kids can relax and be themselves.

If you need a pediatric dentist in Richmond, come see us today! Call for an appointment at (281) 789-8836, or stop by our office for a consultation at 8620 Grand Mission Blvd., Ste. E, Richmond, TX 77407.


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How To Keep Your Kids From Fearing The Dentist!

If you have young children, their oral health should be a top priority for you. But sometimes, kids get scared and don’t want to go to the dentist. This year, for National Children’s Dental Health Month, the team at Grand Mission Dentistry has put together some of our top tips for dealing with fear of the dentist.

Grand Mission Dental - How to Keep Your Kids From Fearing the Dentist

1. Start Appointments When Your Child Is Young

Familiarity is the best way to keep your kids from fearing the dentist. Ideally, your child should start having regular 6-month teeth cleanings and oral exams as soon as their first tooth erupts.

If your child is familiar with the dentist early on, and you choose a friendly pediatric dentist like Dr. William Sung or Dr. Tam Nguyen, they will be much more comfortable when it’s time for their next dental appointment.

2. Don’t Use “Trigger Words” When Talking About The Dentist

Don’t use the “S” word (shot), “H” word (hurt) or “P” word (pain) with your children. You may want to be honest with them, but it’s best to avoid these words entirely.

Just let your child know that the dentist will clean their teeth, and make sure that they are nice and healthy. Use positive phrases and words to make the visit seem fun, good, and non-intimidating.

If your child does require a filling or another procedure which may involve pain, let your pediatric dentist explain it. Pediatric dentists are good at introducing dental concepts to children, and explaining them in a way that makes them seem non-threatening and painless.

3. Emphasize The Importance Of The Dentist To Your Child

Explain to your child that visiting the dentist is not a “choice”. It’s a necessity. The dentist needs to take care of their teeth so that they are healthy enough to chew, eat, and smile. If you can make it clear that a visit to the dentist is important and unavoidable, your child is much less likely to put up a fight, or fuss about their next visit.

4. Prepare For Some Fussing – And Stay By Their Side

If your child gets uncomfortable at the dentist, that’s okay. A little bit of crying or fussing is normal. It’s not strange for a child to cry, wiggle, or want to avoid being examined by a stranger.

Stay calm, and don’t overreact, or get angry at your child for not behaving properly. Pediatric dentists like Dr. Sung and Dr. Nguyen have seen it all.

Stay by their side, and follow the instructions of your pediatric dentist. They may ask that you hold your child’s hand and comfort them, or that you remain present, but at a distance.

5. Consider Sedation Dentistry For Serious Dental Anxiety

If your child cannot go to the dentist without breaking down, or has a serious fear of the dentist, they may have dental anxiety. If you think this may be the case, sedation dentistry is the best way to deal with dental visits.

There are many types of sedation dentistry, including IV sedation, oral conscious sedation, or nitrous oxide (laughing gas). They all do the same basic thing, and reduce fear and anxiety about going to the dentist.

Follow These Tips For A Stress-Free Dental Visit!

With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to keep your kids from fearing the dentist. But if your child does have serious dental anxiety, don’t worry. We’re here to help. With our expert pediatric dentists and sedation dentistry services, we can make sure that your child gets the oral treatment they need. Contact Grand Mission Dentistry to learn more about your options. Schedule an appointment now at (281) 789-8836, or come to our office at 8620 Grand Mission Blvd, Suite #E, Richmond, TX 77407.

How To Keep Your Baby’s Teeth Clean

Taking care of a baby is a lot of work, so understanding how to keep your baby’s teeth clean may not be one of your top priorities. But proper oral care is absolutely essential for children of all ages, so Grand Mission Dentistry has put together this quick guide on how to keep your baby’s teeth clean. Take a look, and ensure that your child gets the dental care that they need for a healthy mouth!

Our Top Oral Care Tips For Babies And Children

Here are the best tips for taking care of your child’s oral health.

  • You should clean your child’s mouth even before teeth erupt – Using a clean cloth, wipe down your child’s gums after feeding. This helps maintain healthy gums, and prevent bacterial infection.
  • You should start brushing when the first tooth erupts – As soon as your child begins to teethe, use a toothbrush to clean all of the currently-erupted primary teeth. You don’t have to use toothpaste until your child is about 2 years old, but you can use non-fluoridated toothpaste if you wish.
  • Use fluoridated toothpaste and a “baby brush” after 2 years of age – At this point, your child is able to spit out toothpaste, so you can start using non-fluoridated toothpaste while brushing. Use about the size of a grain of rice. You can increase this to a pea-sized amount after age 3+, when they are able to spit more effectively.
  • Visit a dentist every 6 months, as soon as the first baby tooth erupts – As soon as your child has teeth, they need to see a dentist. Usually, the first tooth will erupt at 6-12 months, so schedule an appointment with Grand Mission Dentistry as soon as this happens.
  • Kids can start brushing their teeth at around age 6 – but need supervision – Most dentists agree that kids should start brushing their teeth at around age 6. But you should still supervise brushing to ensure your child is actually brushing their teeth correctly.

Need more tips for pediatric oral care? Come to Grand Mission Dentistry for a pediatric appointment today!

What Should I Do If My Child Has A Cavity?

Even if you do take the proper steps to clean your child’s teeth, they may develop a cavity. In infants and young children, this can be difficult to treat. Fillings may be required for advanced tooth decay, but the best treatment is usually Silver Diamine Fluoride.

Silver diamine fluoride consists of silver, a powerful antibiotic agent, and fluoride, which helps build up teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay. This FDA-approved antibiotic liquid is applied directly to the site of tooth decay, and allowed to “cure” for 2 minutes.

This arrests the progression of tooth decay, often eliminating the need for a filling. Silver diamine fluoride is absolutely painless, prevents cavities effectively, and helps relieve issues like tooth sensitivity in children, so it’s the best treatment for tooth decay in babies and children.

Need A Pediatric Dentist In Richmond? Come To Grand Mission Dentistry Today!

Whether your child needs treatment for tooth decay, or you’re simply interested in finding a new pediatric dentist, Grand Mission Dentistry is the place for you. Dr. William Sung and Dr. Tam Nguyen have decades of combined experience treating children, and our past patient testimonials speak for themselves.

Schedule an appointment for your child now at (281) 719-9188, or visit our office at 8620 Grand Mission Blvd, Suite #E, Richmond, TX 77407.