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6 Common Signs of Dental Emergency

Has a toothache ever snatched your sleep at night? Well, then it could be a matter of dental emergency. But there are times when simple tooth pain is not the signal for an emergency situation and you don’t need to call the dental office at odd hours of the night! So this one’s crucial –
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Is It Time To Change Your Toothbrush

According to American Dental Association, they recommend to change your toothbrush every 3 months; but how many of us actually do that? Changing our toothbrush is something that we don’t think to do like getting an oil change or watering your plants, but if you understand the reason why it is important, than changing your
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3 Things To Bear In Mind When You Whiten Your Teeth:

This is perhaps the most common dental cosmetic procedure that is sought after. Individuals opt for teeth whitening at various levels – from the at-home whitening kits to professional treatments in some dental offices.  The very first thing that speaks about our personality is our facial appearance and your smile defines most of your facial
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