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Periodontal Disease in Dogs

  Have you ever petted a dog and their breath just caught you off guard? Humans are not the only ones who have bad breath, dogs can too. You would think that they may have just eaten something they shouldn’t, but bad breath can be a sign of health problems; or the most common, periodontal
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Is brushing our tongue important?

Is brushing our tongue as critical as brushing our teeth and flossing? Well for those who dislike brushing their tongue, the American Dental Associations states that brushing our tongue isn’t as important as brushing our teeth and flossing. Also, this action causes the uncomfortable reaction of gag reflex while doing it, but that shouldn’t stop
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6 Common Signs of Dental Emergency

Has a toothache ever snatched your sleep at night? Well, then it could be a matter of dental emergency. But there are times when simple tooth pain is not the signal for an emergency situation and you don’t need to call the dental office at odd hours of the night! So this one’s crucial –
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