How Much Do You Pay For Dental Implants?

This blog is going to be about the cost of dental implants. We are also going to discuss the benefits for going for dental implants over any of the other tooth replacement options. Therefore, if you have queries related to this particular topic, do take some of the time off your busy schedule and give this blog a read. It will definitely help you to draw an end to all such confusions.

Dental implants are basically artificial roots which are inserted into the jaw with the primary aim of providing support to dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis. It can also act as an orthodontic anchor. Most of the people who do a bit of research will know that it is considered to be the best choice. The only factor which plays a pivotal role behind them backing off is the cost of dental implants. If you are one of them then be aware of the fact that dental implants not just yield great results but can also be the most economical investment in the long run. Other teeth replacement options such as dentures and bridges generally demand replacement or repairment after a short span of time (mostly 5-10 years). Whereas, dental implants can last for an entire lifetime. Now, if you add the money required for frequent replacement or repair, the total amount will inevitably surpass the cost of dental implants. To add on, implants help to prevent deterioration of jawbones and improves the overall oral health. This can hardly be achieved with the help of other choices. 

Consulting a dental professional at a nearby dental clinic will help you to get rid of any further inhibitions. He/she will not just talk about the complications of getting dental implants but will also discuss if dental implants actually hurt. So why wait anymore, resolve your dental problems with an effective solution – dental implants.

Advantages of Dental Implants Over Other Options

Some of the benefits which separate dental implants from other teeth replacement options are being provided in the pointers below.

    • Dental implants have a more aesthetic and natural look to it. They are directly fused to the bones which doesn’t play a role in ruining your beautiful smile.
    • As said before, dental implants can last for a long span of time if maintained properly.
    • Improper fitting of dentures and bridges petty often causes slipping of teeth leasing to slurring. You don’t have to face any such issues with dental implants. In fact they help to improve your speech.
    • You do not have to encounter any hurdle while eating food.
    • They are very comfortable which is not the case with most of the other teeth replacement options.
Cost of Dental Implants

The first thing that you need to be aware of the cost of dental implants is that the amount is never the same for two patients and generally varies on the basis of requirements. Some of the other factors such as location of the dental clinic, remuneration of the dentist (depends on the expertise and experience), amount of work needed to be done, products used also determine the cost of dental implants. On an average, the price to be paid for one dental implant is somewhere around $1500 to $2000 or more. There are situations where patients require more than one dental implant to resolve the problem. The cost increases accordly in such cases.

Some of the additional costs related to the steps of getting dental implants at a dental clinic are:

      • The price of the crown
      • The price of the abutment
      • The money invested to book appointments at the dental clinic
      • The care taken before the surgery
      • The care taken after the surgery

Summing up all the above mentioned costs will give you a figure of $3000 – $4800 or more, which is the total cost of getting one implant. There is nothing to get worried after looking at the price as all of the money spent actually pays off. Nowadays, most of the dental insurances also cover a major portion of the money spent in getting dental implants.  

We hope that the blog has been of effective help and has successfully ended your confusions related to the cost of dental implants. If you are seeking excellent dental implants treatment in Richmond, TX, get in touch with Grand Mission Dentistry. We provide the best treatment plans to fulfill all requirements of our patients.

How Most Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

Smiling is often considered to be one of the most precious and attractive human possessions. Everyone wants to have a smile that turns out to be the reason for someone else’s. Now, other symmetry and oral health, whiteness of the teeth is a pivotal factor behind making a smile beautiful. To achieve the smile of their dreams, people opt for professional teeth whitening sessions. If you are also interested to avail it, then it is imperative to gain detailed knowledge about the process and the cost. In this blog we have provided you with all necessary information related to teeth whitening. Hence, going through it will end all your queries and enable you to bid goodbye to confusions related to this topic. 

This is to let you know that the cost of teeth whitening depends on whether you choose to get it done at a dental clinic or you prefer doing it at home. 

Whitening of teeth can be done at home with the help of whitening strips. It is the cheapest way of getting the job done. But, for pretty obvious reasons, you should be aware of the fact that the end result of this method is never at par with the one you can achieve by booking an appointment at a dental clinic. The whitening strips cost around $20 to $40 per box. These boxes consist of enough strips which will be enough to treat your teeth for a span of a week or more. Another method of teeth whitening includes finding over-the-counter trays that you fill with a whitening solution and place over your teeth. The counter trays are available at around $100. Some other ways of naturally whitening your teeth at home are being mentioned below:

    • Oil pulling
    • Using baking soda to brush your teeth
    • Adopting preventive measures to avoid stains on your teethF
    • Intake of fruits and vegetables
    • Use hydrogen peroxide

You should also know that the methods of teeth whitening which can be done at home are time taking and doesn’t assure an overnight result. Hence, you should never lose hope and patience.

Now let us talk about the teeth whitening at a professional dental clinic. Firstly, it is important to bring under your notice that the process is safe if it is performed  by a trained professional. The average cost of getting your teeth whitened can range between $650 to $1000. The price generally varies on the basis of the amount charged by the dentist and the products used in the process. When it comes to discussing the cost of whitening your teeth, you should also count the cost of maintenance once the process is complete. None of the methods for teeth whitening are permanent and demands maintenance. Though, Not having food and drinks which can leave stain on your teeth i.e chocolates, red wines, tea etc definitely extends the results. You should also know that the whitening strips that are available at the store contain 10% of hydrogen peroxide. On the other hand the ones used by the bleaching agents can contain between 25 and 40 percent hydrogen peroxide. 

We hope that you have now gained a clear idea about the cost of teeth whitening and the various methods of doing it. If you are looking to get your teeth whitened in or around Grand Mission Blvd Ste E, Richmond, TX, get in touch with Grand Mission Dentistry. We are here to provide you with the best dental care in Richmond that will fulfill all your needs. Contact us today.

4 Advantages Of Dental Implants For Seniors

It is a common phenomenon to lose your teeth with age. Irrespective of good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, the geriatric population will lose a couple of teeth as they grow old. But don’t worry! If you are a senior citizen, you can choose dental implants as an effective way of replacing your missing teeth. Thus, more and more seniors are opting for dental implants in Richmond, TX.

Dental implants,also called replacement teeth, offer a solid foundation for both fixing your natural teeth as well as removing replacement teeth to match your original teeth. Senior folks can opt for dental implants surgery, as it is a comfortable way to restore their natural teeth and prevent pain and irritation that they experience while chewing.

There are various advantages of opting for dental implants for seniors. If you are still not sure about dental implants, then read on. Four main benefits of dental implants for seniors are listed below.

  1. Better Biting and Chewing: Seniors have difficulty in chewing and biting because of their missing teeth. But, with dental implants that restore missing teeth, seniors can eat their favorite food without worrying about irritation and toothache. The restoration of their chewing and biting abilities, they can even bite apples, which has nutritional benefits and improve their overall health. Dental implants also promote proper chewing that improves the digestion process.
  2. Pocket-Friendly: When you compare dental implants with dentures, the latter requires regular maintenance as they are more prone to breaking. Dental implants, on the other hand, are a permanent solution apart from being a one-time investment. Thus, dental implants have long-term cost benefits, which makes them pocket friendly.
  3. Elevated self-confidence:  It is a fact that when we look better, we tend to feel better and more confident about ourselves and how we look. When seniors chew their favorite food items without any difficulty, they are bound to feel healthier and better about themselves. Thus, feeling better has a direct impact on the seniors’ overall quality of life.
  4. Better Looking:Seniors can often feel self-conscious while clicking pictures with their grandkids and may not be able to express their happiness by smiling from their hearts. Dental implants can solve this problem because implants restore missing teeth, which will help the seniors smile without worrying about their missing teeth. Therefore, dental implants not only improve how your teeth’s appearance but also make the seniors feel good about themselves.

At Grand Mission Dentistry, we have the best dentists for implants in Richmond, TX, for all age groups. Schedule an appointment with one of our cosmetic dentists to know your options for dental implants.

Straightening Your Smile Can Be Painless and Comfortable with Invisalign

Adults who are seeking an orthodontic solution for their crooked teeth often will dismiss the option of traditional metal wires and brackets. We can understand why. Although these are great for patients who have bigger problems with proper bite alignment, not everyone requires that same kind of treatment.

In our Richmond dental office, we offer Invisalign – a series of plastic trays that gently move your teeth to their beautifully straight position. You can have the straight smile you’ve always wanted without the hassle and discomfort of traditional metal braces.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Invisalign a leader in adult orthodontics!

Comfortable, Painless Orthodontic Treatment

It’s unsettling for anyone to imagine the pain that sometimes comes along with traditional braces. When wearing metal wires and brackets, you have to often deal with hard, sharp edges of the metal poking and scratching at the soft tissues inside your mouth. You also need to consider the dull, aching pain you might experience once a month after having your braces tightened. When you choose Invisalign in Richmond, TX; you won’t face any of these unpleasant issues.

The trays used with Invisalign are actually smooth, plastic aligners. As such, you don’t have to deal with painful, jagged edges against the inside of your cheeks and lips. Another benefit of this orthodontic treatment, as opposed to traditional braces, is that you don’t have to get them tightened. Instead, you switch to a new tray every couple of weeks that work to shift your teeth into the right position gently. The pressure is comparatively milder than metal braces.

Discreet Orthodontic Treatment

The plastic material of the Invisalign trays is also clear – which means that you’re receiving orthodontic treatment in a much more discreet way than traditional braces. This is especially nice for adults. You don’t want to look like a teenager with a mouth full of metal at your next board meeting. Your reputation and lifestyle are important, and Invisalign allows you to get the straighter teeth you want without any disruption to your life.

Fast, High-Quality Convenience

Along with comfort and appearance, Invisalign offers a couple more advantages to traditional braces. For one thing, the trays are removable. This means you can take them out when you eat and when you brush and floss your teeth, both options that make oral hygiene and social settings are easier and more enjoyable. No more worrying about how to get tiny food particles out of your metal brackets and wires after a meal!

But that does certainly bring with it a certain responsibility to follow your dentist’s instructions for proper wear. If you’re not disciplined enough to keep them in for about 22 hours a day, Invisalign will not work properly. That’s another reason adults tend to see successful results because they understand the consequences of not sticking to the requirements of the treatment.

Another advantage of Invisalign is the convenience and the duration of treatment. They sort of go hand in hand. Typically, traditional braces take about two to three years. Invisalign, if worn properly, can take as little as twelve months, so not only do you get great results in less time, you also don’t have to deal with frequent appointments to have them tightened.

Schedule an Invisalign Appointment Today

The only way to know for sure if Invisalign is right for you is to make an appointment at our Richmond, TX dental office. Our highly skilled team can help you decide if this quick, convenient, comfortable orthodontic solution is the one you’ve been waiting for. Contact us to schedule an appointment with the best dentist for Invisalign treatment in Richmond, TX today.

5 Things You May Have Never Known About Dental Veneers

If you are looking for ways to make your teeth look better, find dental veneers. You may have heard of them as ‘porcelain veneers’ or ‘dental porcelain laminates.’ Whatever the name is used to describe them, they are all small, molded shells of tooth-colored material designed to be put over the teeth’s surface. As required, dental professionals may change color , shape, and size of your veneers. And if you want to make your dream smile come true, dental veneers are a very effective way to create the beautiful smile you always wanted.

To help you learn more about the dental veneers, we compiled five interesting facts about them! Read on to find out stuff you may never have known about dental veneers before.

Veneers deliver lasting results

When dental veneers are installed, the size of your teeth, for the veneers to do their job, will be reduced. Doing something like that in treatment can not be reversed. So you have to remember that having dental veneers is a lifelong commitment.

It takes at least 1 week to make them

Once the shape of your teeth is captured, the dental veneers may take up to a whole week to make. This is because the veneers are manufactured in a laboratory and are designed to address the various issues that affect your teeth.

Veneers are not a one-hour visit procedure

A visit to install dental veneers can last for many hours, as this amount of time is needed to precisely position the veneers with a light-sensitive resin which is then hardened using white light. This is a process required to bond the veneers to your teeth.


For patients who get veneers, it is a common question to ask what they can eat afterwards. Veneers are very sturdy and can resist most dietary forces.

Temporary temperature sensitivity will be felt

Upon placing the dental veneers on your teeth, you will most likely feel an increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks as a result of removing a small portion of tooth enamel. If you experience this, after some time, it’s a normal sensation that will fade.

Have more questions? We will have them answered. How about a comprehensive consultation with a professional cosmetic dentist? Click here to get in touch with the best veneers dentist in Richmond TX.

Follow These 6 Tips to Never Have Any Oral Health Issue

Everyone wants to have a healthy and great-looking smile. Good oral hygiene is essential to ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy. Habits such as brushing twice a day and scheduling regular dental cleanings and exams are necessary to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

Oral health is not only about preventing decay or cavities. Research has shown that there is a strong association between oral health and overall health. A dentist near you in Richmond TX can help you maintain oral health and hygiene and ensure that you do not suffer from tooth decay, gum loss or any other associated problems.

To help you boost your smile and keep it healthy, here are 6 things you can follow and forget worrying about oral issues:

1. Brush for 2 minutes twice a day

Everyone knows that brushing is the most important activity for removing bacteria and plaque and keeping teeth healthy and clean. If bacteria and food particles are not removed from your teeth, they can contribute to the decay and cavities, causing serious damage to your oral health. However, brushing alone is not enough. You should also brush properly.

Use circular motions to brush tooth and remember to brush for 2 to 3 minutes. Using a hard-bristled brush or brushing aggressively can also hurt the tooth enamel or the gums. So remember to use a soft-bristled brush and change it every 3 months to get the best results.

2. Clean your gum line with a floss

Flossing is necessary to remove bacteria and plaque from areas of your mouth where the toothbrush cannot reach. These include between the teeth and below the gum line. It also helps in preventing bad breath by removing any debris and food trapped between the teeth. Since the area between the teeth is the most common place for cavities to form, flossing should be practiced at least once every day.

3. Use a toothpaste containing fluoride

Fluoride is a common ingredient in many toothpaste and mouthwash. It is believed that the use of fluoride can help in preventing cavities and decay. However, many people are not cautious about their toothpaste and use one without fluoride. Even if you take care of your teeth, the lack of fluoride can lead to tooth decay. While fluoride can be found in your water supply, it may not be enough to meet your daily needs.

4. Clean Your Tongue

The tongue is also a part of the mouth. A healthy tongue should appear pink. But if you notice that your tongue is slightly whitish in appearance, it means it is the home to foul-smelling bacteria. A dirty tongue is one of the major causes of bad breath. Improve your oral health and breath by brushing and scraping your tongue every day.

5. Abstain from smoking or tobacco use

Use of tobacco and smoking harm the immune system of the body. This makes it difficult for the body to heal worn out tissues, including the ones in your mouth. Smoking is also a risk factor for gum diseases. Further, if you smoke, it can slow down the healing of your teeth and gums after treatment. If you love your bright, white smile, you should know that smoking causes yellowing of teeth and tongue.

6. Visit your dentist regularly

Experts recommend that one should see a dentist every 6 months. During a routine dental checkup, the hygienist will clean your teeth and remove any hardened tartar or plaque. A dentist near you in Richmond TX will carefully examine the mouth for any signs of gum disease, cavities, oral health issues and even oral cancer.

Visiting your dentist regularly will ensure that you do not have to worry about your oral hygiene and your teeth remain healthy and dazzling white. With some diligent oral care at home, you will never have to worry about oral health issues. If you do face any concerns, the team at Grand Mission Dentistry is always here to help you.

The 4 Symptoms of Gum Disease

Gum disease does not develop all of a sudden; it has multiple stages and develops over time. Gum disease is caused primarily by poor oral hygiene. The main cause of gum disease is erratic and insufficient brushing and flossing. As per NIH,

Brushing and flossing help get rid of plaque. Plaque that is not removed can harden and form “tartar” that brushing doesn’t clean. Only a professional cleaning by a dentist or dental hygienist can remove tartar.

Also, people who do daily brush and floss have reported gum disease too.

It’s a lot like cancer when it comes to predicting gum disease! At first, the symptoms could be so slight that patients can often ignore them until the gum disease has advanced. The following 4 symptoms are therefore the signs you can look for if you are suspecting gum disease:

Red and swollen gums

Healthy gums have the intention of being red and solid. However, just as with any serious infection, when infected, the gums swell too and turn red. This may be a symptom of several other severe oral disorders and is a disorder not to be left untreated.

Bleeding gums

This is a symptom of chronic gum disease. In this case, the bacteria that have invaded the gums start feasting around the tissues, thereby bleeding them. Does it ever happen that you see some blood in your saliva or do your gums start bleeding from your toothbrush bristles a little bit from minor scratches? This may indicate a severe gum disease.

Persisting bad breath

Gum disease patients may find that despite good brushing and flossing, they are constantly having bad breath and taste. The bad breath comes from the bacteria’s metabolism processes deep inside your gums, and no amount of brushing and flossing can get rid of it.

Loose teeth

The power of your gums keeps your teeth in their positions. When you’re having gum disease, your gums start losing their strength to bacteria and surrounding tissues, making your teeth lose. Receding gums might be a result of the same cause, too. You can find your teeth growing bigger. In reality, it is the gum line that is receding, revealing more of the teeth.

Is gum disease easy to cure? It certainly is! Yet, make sure you maintain good oral hygiene in the first place to stay away from it. And if you need care, you can get your gum disease treatment done by the best periodontist near you in Richmond TX.

How Effective is Oral Sedation in Dentistry?

The management of patients who are anxious about their dental visit is a great challenge and thus, the use of sedation can be very effective in this situation. Several drugs are being used in the process of sedation that is found to be effective for the treatment of anxiety in older patients. The use of oral sedation is very common in Dentistry.

The process of oral dentistry involves the use of sedative drugs through the oral passage. Oral sedation also helps to increase the effectiveness of local anesthesia. This process is used by the doctors to facilitate the dental process and also to reduce the anxiety of the patients.

However, while the process of sedation is effective, it can also cause certain harm to the patients due to anesthesia. The process of sedation is effective for patients as they make the patient cooperative and relaxed. The procedure is also very effective in older patients as the management of older adults is very crucial in the treatment and clinical process.

The effectiveness

Many people usually avoid going to doctors in fear of pain and thus, oral sedation helps the people to get the treatment without any trouble. It involves the use of the medicines that will eventually help the patients to relax at the dentistry.

The process of oral sedation in dentistry is very effective in making the patient feel relaxed as well as to increase the cooperation of the patients. Research has also shown that the process is very effective in patients who are suffering from epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other such conditions. In comparison to the other methods of sedation, oral sedation is affordable for both the patient and the doctors.

The approach

The approach of conscious sedation involves the use of more than a single drug to generate a state of depression of the central nervous system in the patient. In dentistry, there are some approaches oral sedation helps is an accessible means for the dentists to make verbal contact with the patients all through the process of sedation.

The process of sedation can affect the individuals who use other means of drugs for health conditions, however, it is effective to a vast majority of the patients who suffer from fear of visiting the doctors. The process of sedation is effective as it helps in reducing the sensation of the passing time.

This is very helpful for the doctors in case, they are trying to treat the complex and critical condition in the very first sitting. This process is also very effective as they help to prevent the stiffening of the tooth muscles or the formation of sore because of sitting for a prolonged time. However, there is a need to keep an account of the medicines that are taken by the patients so that there is no risk of side-effects at the tie of sedation.

Given the possible side effects, you wouldn’t want to choose any dentist for oral sedation and not every dentist is authorized for sedation in the first place. To find an authentic and authorized sedation dentist near you in Richmond TX, click here.

Missing a Tooth

Has it been hard for you to smile due to a missing tooth? According to the Kelton study for Invisalign, teeth are the most standout feature people notice when meeting the first time. About 66% will likely remember you due to having beautiful teeth and smile. If you have a missing tooth, especially in the front, it’s hard to smile. You not only lose confidence in yourselves, but missing teeth causes long-term damages to your facial structure and the way you bite. However, there are a few options for you to regain back a healthy beautiful smile. 

First let’s start with doing nothing. When a tooth is pulled malocclusion can happen if we don’t get a replacement for the missing tooth. Malocclusion is a condition where our teeth shift, and it changes the way we bite. Teeth are supposed to touch one another so when a tooth is extracted, both the adjacent tooth and the tooth opposing the missing tooth will shift. This means that you will see a change in your smile such as gaps, uneven alignment, and a tooth longer than the others. Another consequence is, loss of jawbone and gum tissue, which results in an older appearance because of a sunken look to your facial features.

However, we can prevent all the consequences of not replacing a missing tooth or teeth. There are few options with the pros and cons for each of them.

Dental Implants: 

Dental implants are the most effective way to replace a missing tooth. Not only is it durable, but its lifespan is longer compared to the others. This is also the nearest thing to a natural tooth available today. Implants are made from titanium that is safe for your body. It is surgically placed in the jawbone where you are having a missing tooth. However, the process is a bit longer than the others. Dental implant consists of the implant itself, abutment, and a crown. This does not a one-day procedure, but at least 3 months. Everyone is different, and it all just depends on if you need bone graft material, how fast your implant settles in, or if you have periodontal disease. This may seem like a long journey for some, but the reward for waiting is much more beneficial for long term durability, and lifespan of about 15 to 20 years.

Dental Bridges:

 Dental bridges are good for people who want a faster solution that does not require surgery. This procedure takes 3 weeks and just two visits to your dentist. It is more affordable than the implant. However, with dental bridges, the dentist would have to shave down the adjacent teeth, which are your two good permanent teeth to use as an anchor. The lifespan of the dental bridge is about 5-7 years, which is shorter than the implant. This does not help with keeping the bone in the area from atrophy occurring though. You will continue to lose bone in that area over time compared to the implant that will secure the bone indefinitely. Hygiene will be harder to keep up with because you can’t floss normal. You’ll have to buy a special floss that will get under your bridge since food can get caught there. Unfortunately, for the perfectionist, dental bridges are not as aesthetically pleasing than an implant. 

Removable Partial Denture (RPD):

 Removable partial denture known as a flipper, is the least expensive and the fastest thing you can have after an extraction to walk out the office without a missing tooth. However, it is primarily for esthetic purposes. You can’t chew with it on because it is a resin base that can break easily. You would have to take it off every night still leaving you with a gap that will create shifting of your teeth and bone loss. In order to hold the artificial tooth or teeth in place, a bulky plastic frame will be sitting in your mouth all day. Flipper is best used for just a temporary solution until you get a permanent replacement.

With all the options given to you, it is still ideal to speak to your dentist to help you choose what is best for you. Not everyone is a good candidate for implants, that’s why we offer free consultation here at Grand Mission Dentistry to make sure you are a good fit for an implant. Give us a call or make an appointment today so we can make sure you are on the right track in replacing a missing tooth.


Professional Teeth Whitening Is All Your Smile Needs Right Now; Here’s Why

Professional teeth whitening at the dentist could sound like an unnecessary investment but is it really so? Have you tried over-the-counter at-home whitening kits?

If you have, you already have an idea about why professional teeth whitening is not a bad investment after all! If you haven’t however, try looking up the results that teeth whitening can produce on your teeth. It makes you way more attractive than you already are!


Your teeth have been stained over the years by the colors of the foods and beverages that you’ve been consuming, and due to other causes. Teeth whitening uses bleaching agents that penetrate your teeth through the pores and remove the stains from within.

Yes, your teeth have pores and that’s from where the colors of the food particles got into your teeth in the first place to stain them!

But why professional teeth whitening? Why not just any other over-the-counter at-home whitening kit? The answer lies in the exclusive benefits that professional teeth whitening comes with!

Benefits of professional teeth whitening 

1. Much faster results

Professional teeth whitening at the dentist can produce results in a couple of hours! Your over-the-counter whitening kits can take weeks or even months to produce such results. Want to flaunt a dashing smile for an upcoming party? Just get your teeth whitened at the dentist’s clinic!

2. Much better results 

Professional teeth whitening can produce shades of white that over-the-counter at-home whitening kits may never be able to produce. That’s particularly because this type of teeth whitening is customized for you, unlike over-the-counter whitening kits.

3. Consistent whitening 

Try talking to some people who have used over-the-counter teeth whitening kits. Most of them would tell you that they’ve got some white patches and inconsistent teeth whitening with these kits at some point. “Is that even a thing?”, asks a professional cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening!

4. Expert supervision

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure and it’s no surprise that only a professional dentist can best guide you through the process. There’s no room for mishaps when you have a professional dentist looking after giving you the brightest smile possible!

Interesting, right?! Try it! And you’ll fall in love with your smile and perhaps, others around you will too! But don’t just choose any cosmetic dentist. Choose the best cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening in Richmond TX open today near you!