5 Signs You May Need Dental Sedation During Your Next Appointment

5 Signs You May Need Dental Sedation During Your Next Appointment

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Sedation dentistry can make your visit to the dentist much more comfortable. Dr. William Sung and Dr. Tam Nguyen of Grand Mission Dentistry in Richmond are both experts in sedation dentistry, and our team will always keep patients comfortable and safe.

If you aren’t sure if sedation dentistry is right for you, here’s a few signs to look for when considering whether to opt for sedation services at Grand Mission Dentistry:

1. Anxiety Prevents You From Going to The Dentist

We understand that most patients don’t love coming in for their six month teeth cleaning and oral exam. But some people have dental anxiety that prevents them from visiting the dentist; not only for oral exams, but to treat issues like gum disease, infected teeth, and other serious dental conditions.

If you have dental anxiety, and you are scared of going to the dentist to get necessary treatment for your oral health conditions, you can certainly benefit from sedation dentistry. At Grand Mission Dentistry, we go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable in our office, and we will be with you through every step of your treatment.

2. You’re Undergoing Multiple Cosmetic or Reconstructive Procedures

If you’ll be undergoing extensive treatment or multiple procedures for a cosmetic or restorative dental makeover, sedation dentistry may be necessary. With sedatives, you’ll remain semi-conscious throughout the procedure, but you will feel relaxed and comfortable.

3. You Have a Very Strong Gag Reflex

Sedation dentistry can help patients who have a very strong gag reflex. This is especially important if one of our dentists is extracting a wisdom tooth or molar, or filling a tooth located in the rear of the mouth. Working in these areas can often trigger the gag reflex if sedation is not administered.

4. Your Pain Tolerance is Very Low

Most dental procedures involve very little pain due to the numbing agents used. Still, if the discomfort and vibration of dental drills makes you anxious and you have a low pain tolerance, being sedated can make you much more comfortable. Whether you choose laughing gas or oral sedation, you will be able to deal with the process safely.

5. You’re Afraid of Needles

Needles are usually used to apply topical numbing agents during most dental procedures. If you have a severe phobia or fear of needles, sedation dentistry can make it easier for you to deal with injections.

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